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Different Types of Website Design Layout

There are many types of website design available. However, responsive web design is the most used website design type of Ecommerce website development services. However, fixed design and liquid design are suitable for small-scale business. Here are the different types of web design.

Fixed design

The website that is designed with fixed design can be viewed on both laptop and smartphones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you use smartphone effectively. When you view the website on a smartphone, you will be able to view the web content but it is harder to view the fonts. The website comes with the fixed design is not user-friendly.  The fixed design website does not let you zoom in and zoom out the content.

Liquid or Fluid design

Fluid design is the traditional method of website design. However, it is the most used web design today. The website is specially designed in such a way that the content will either shrunk or expand as per the user needs. When you resize the content of the website, the web content will expend up to the full length to ensure that you will read the full content properly without any hassle.

Similarly, you can shrink the website content to the desired length.  The website has fixed layout and standard columns; however, you can resize the layout accordingly. It is simple and affordable. Hence, it is suitable for generic static websites. It is not best suited for e-commerce and utility applications.Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the quality of videos varies.

  • Responsive design

The responsive design enables the user to view websites in a different form. The user needs not to scroll, shrink or resize the website. The website is suitable for devices such as a laptop, desktop, tablets, and smartphones. When a user browses your website, the content will be either reduced or expanded to predetermined size. Hence, internet connection is also one of the factors for good user experience.

What is best for your company?

In order to determine the best website design structure, companies need to analyze a lot. Find out if your web design is best suits your customer needs. First, you need to find which devices your customers are viewing and how many customers are currently using your website. Stunning and attractive web design will easily grab the heart of your customers and attracts more visitors.

If your customers are using your website on a smartphone, then focus more on the responsive web design and attractive layout for your website.  With increasing use of smartphone and internet, people would like to use their smartphone for their daily routines. Hence, there is more chance of creating smartphone based responsive layout. Ecommerce Development Company India will provide an excellent online shopping website at an affordable rate

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